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Alexander Fyodorovich Pankin was born in 1938 in the town of Yegoryevsk, Moscow region. In 1963 he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, and has been a member of the Union of Architects of Russia since 1971.

Even being a student he realized his main inclination - painting, and he became an artist with his own vision and personality already in the 1960's. The initial period of his creativity is characterized by abstract compositions devoted to space. At the same time the problem of the materialization of the picture flatness was solved. They are pictures-objects with the features of the metaphysical art. In those years he studies various proportional systems and uses them in his works.

In the 1970's-1980's the artist's creativity was aimed at the new figurativity. Objects could be seen through details, contours, signs. The goal of his art in that period was to excite the spectators and to provoke an emotional argument.

In the 1990's Pankin turned to the abstract shape-forming again. The basic principle of his works was the geometric and proportional analysis of the suprematic compositions by Kazimir Malevich as well as the works by other painters. He carried out several exhibitional projects according to the programme 'Malevich and Visual Thinking'. They became a kind of a dialogue of the artist with the Russian avant-garde of the 1920's.

The research experience pushed him to the next step - the realization of mathematical objects in the art space ("meta-abstraction"). Number series, irrational and transcendental numbers, scientific ideas became the impulse for the shaping of the artistic form. At the same time the tendency of creating harmonic compositions comfortable for the spectator's reception appeared.

In the recent years Alexander Pankin's creativity was directed into the zones bordering science, and it is addressed to the intellectual forms of spirituality.

The artist was acknowledged during the Perestroika ("restructuring") period. More than 30 personal exhibitions and about 100 group exhibitions in Russia and abroad took place from 1988 to 2008.

Alexander Pankin lives and works in Moscow.

Museums and Private Collections
The artist's works can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Museum Center at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow), the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Far Eastern Art Museum (Khabarovsk), in the art museums of Kaliningrad and Kursk, as well as in private collections in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, the USA, Netherlands, France, Finland and Sweden.
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