Selected Works
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Park Sung Tae
(sculpture, graphics, objects)

1960 Born in Kwangiu, Korea

1993 M.F.A, Granduate School of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. (Major: oriental painting)

1987 B.F.A, Dept of Oriental painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Personal exhibitions:
2003 Krokin gallery. Moscow

2002 Gong Gallery, Seoul

2001 PYO Gallery, Seoul

1998 Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul

1996 Moin Art Gallery, Seoul

1993 To Art Space, Seoul

Group Exhibitions:
2005 "Art-Moscow" international art-fair. Krokin gallery booth. Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

2004 "Art-Moscow" international art-fair (within "Black-White Project" of Krokin gallery). Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

2003 Mologele by Black & White (Gallery Sang, Seoul)
Body Scape (Rodin Gallery, Seoul)
The Nude (Gallery Savina, Seoul)

2002 Korea Art Puzzle of forty-four (Gallery La-Mer, Seoul)
2002, Korea Art - Course and Inspection (Korea Gallery, Seoul)
Korea International Art Fair (Bexco, Busan)
Korea and Japan exchange Exhibition (Gong gallery, Seoul)

2000 Kwangju Biennale Special Exhibition Man+ Space-Human and Gender (Kwanju Binnale Institute of Education & public information, Kwangju)
History and Consciousness - Art Installation of 5 invited artists (the Museum of Seoul National University, Seoul)

1999 Autogenous Horizion of Korean Art (Posco Gallery, Seoul)
The invited exhibition of MBC Grand Art Exhibition (Seoul Municipal Museum of Art0

1998 '90 Korean Painting-Overabundance and Scarcity (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)

1997 The Invited Exhibition of MC Grand Art Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

1996 Seoul Art Exhibition (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art)

1995 '95 View of Present-Development and Collecting (Gongpyung Arts Center, Seoul)
Front .M.Z. (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)
The Invited Exhibition of MBC Grand Art Exhibition (Seoul Art Center)

1994 The Plane-Its Eternity (Midopa Gallery, Seoul)

1993 The 3rd Exhibition of 'Shigam' Group (Moran Open-Air Museum, Masuk)

1992 The 5th Exhibition of 'Geu Dae Ro' Group (Indeco Gallery, Seoul)

1991 Phase'90 (Samjung Art Space, Seoul)

1990 '90 New Ventures: Korean Young Artists Exhibition (The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachun)

1989 The 2nd Exhibition of Korean Paint-New Form and Sprit (Art Center of the Corean Culture and Art Foundation, Seoul)

1988 The 1st Exhibition of Korean Painting-New Form and Spirit (Seoul Gallery)
The 1st Exhibition of "Geu Dae Ro" Group (Dongduck Gallery, Seoul)

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